International Womens Day Giveaway!

It is International Womens Day… To celebrate the beauty that makes us all unique and amazing women we are having a little give away. We are giving away 20 vouchers for boudoir or women’s portrait sitting, (for you or you can give it someone you love) all you need to do is  leave a comment and tell us what beauty means to you. We will chose 20 lucky ladies to come to our studio and be pampered with their own photo shoot.

We are looking forward to hearing all the amazing things that you ladies have to say about being a beautiful women.

xo k

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Anne Judd - Beauty is growing this baby in my belly :)

Shannon - True beauty is easily seen in those who live through truth. Nurturing ones souls makes it possible for your beauty to be easily seen by all.

Victoria - Beauty to me means being comfortable with yourself and confident.

Raquel Weiss - Happy Womens Day
To enter your draw for photos…
A picture of beauty – embracing every inch of our natural beauty, cherishing our unique self & capturing our inner light.
Enjoy Your Day,

Jodi Bender - Beauty is feeling sexy and confident within

Melanie - Beauty radiates in something as simple as a smile.

Jeannine - Beauty means being good-natured and kind. Looks can only take you so far.

KARLY - Beauty to me, is being able to live ones life with love, contentment and laughter.

Christine Tylor - beauty is what is really in your heart and shown through your eyes and smile no matter how youre feeling at any given moment…life is too short so smile and love at every chance you can!!

Sophia - Beauty= Full of love. Beauty is about who you are.

Sophia - Beauty=full of love. Beauty is about who you are.

Andrina - Beauty for me is being happy and healthy and feeling good inside and out.

beatlejn - Beauty encompasses all that brings you love, joy and confidence and sharing that with your loved ones!

Melody Laxton - Beauty comes from within, it’s self confidence. It’s looking yourself in the mirror and loving who you see reflected back at you. It doesn’t come from fashion magazines or salons! It’s not so superficial.

Jennifer - Beauty is the strength my mother has to endure eight years of dialysis three times a week while waiting for a matching donor kidney to become available.

Jennifer - Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.

Celia - Beauty to me is the confidence to fully embrace who you are and demonstrate it by having fun and letting yourself be sexy and let that confidence shine through you. This is why I love boudoir pictures, it’s such an amazing feeling and connects you with your fun feminine sexy side.

Selena Scheirer - Beauty is happiness and love. I see beauty in people and the world when I see friends laugh, children play and lovers embrace.

Kristin - Each person has their personal definition of beauty, some follow religious definitions, many follow cultural definitions, based on the rich and famous and what they see in the media. But most, deep down, know that they are the most beautiful when they can look deep into their soul and know who they are on the inside. Whether it’s their personality, their heart or the way they treat other people. If you truly believe in the potential your soul holds, you will radiate beauty from the inside out.

“The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It’s the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows & the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years.”
-Audrey Hepburn

Ellen - Beauty is realizing that you are a miracle.

Brittany Walker - Beauty is pure happiness with your body and life. No one can make yourself feel more beautiful than yourself!

Laura - Beauty comes from within, from your outlook on life, from the way you treat others, but for me the best kind of beauty is accomplishing a challenging hike up a mountain…
The beautiful clear blue skies
The beautiful view that goes forever
The beautiful silence where you could hear your own thoughts
The beautiful smile on your face!

Everyone is beautiful in their own way!

monica - beauty is having the confidence to be your true self, no matter the way you look, dress, act,say or how others see you.

Steffi - Beauty is is walking with your back straight, dancing like a fool, laughing with all your heart, and not counting calories. :)

Jen - beauty is the spirit within us that appreciates the value and connectedness of all living things on earth.

Nycki - Beauty is in everything and everyone around us, we have to have the courage to celebrate and honor it.

Cathy - Beauty can be so many things! To me at this moment in my life I feel that beauty comes from within, from the heart and soul. It is the spark and sparkle that is individual to each of us. The older I get the easier it is for me to see and feel beauty all around me, and dare I say, within me.

Jennifer - Beauty is the connection to all things. Eyes that see the soul of sadness, happiness and the riches of new life in nature and babes that grow to be the teachers of next generations; each one of us unique yet connected…beautiful!

Jen - Beauty is the connection to all things. Eyes that see the soul of sadness, happiness and the riches of new life in nature; each one of us unique yet connected…beautiful!

Lesa Petrik - Beauty is loving and accepting yourself for who you are at this very moment and believing that you are deserving of love because you are love.

Charlene - Beauty is when you’re happy about yourself within. When you’re happy within, it shows from your appearance and attitude to the ones around you.

Rachel W - Beauty is the kindness strangers treat others. It’s when someone returns a lost wallet to the rightful owner, it’s when children call their grandparents to say hello. It’s when you want to help someone just because it’s right. Beauty is in all of us, waiting to come out!

Jen - To me, beauty is in the little imperfections and mannerisms that make us unique.

Sarah K - I see beauty in inner strength. People who have gone through great struggle, yet have still overcome adversity, exude a beauty that shines through from within.

Teresa - Beauty is loving who you are, whether you’ve just rolled out of bed or are all done up for a night out :)

Jeni-Rae - Beauty is imperfection. It’s believing that every single flaw makes you unique and makes you who are are. Its loving your flaws, embracing them, accentuating them. Now that is true beauty!

Natalie - You can’t paint it on your face or measure it on a scale. Beauty is about our actions and our interactions. It’s about finding that inner peace and happiness, so our beautiful selves can really shine.

Natalie - Beauty is taking pride in what you are and being happy about it, no ifs, ands, or buts!

Michelle Davidson - Beauty is not seen with the eyes, it is felt with the heart.

Kia - Beauty is loving yourself, your whole self, inside and out.

Suzanne - Beauty is pure happiness — getting home after a long day’s work, throwing off your work clothes and dancing to your favourite tunes! Ri-ri anyone?? The realization that you have accomplished something meaningful and deserve to celebrate the little things is absolutely beautiful <3

Sarb - More than physical traits, character contributes to beauty. It fortifies a woman as her youth fades. A mode of conduct, confidence, discipline, fortitude, and integrity can do a great deal to make a woman beautiful.

Michaella - Beauty is knowing that you have earned every piece of who you are and owning that knowledge.

Aya - Beauty is when you are passionate about something. Passion is beautiful. It keeps the heart pumping…

Cheryl McCormick - Beauty is held within every woman and it is in the eyes of our sisters, mothers, girlfriends, neices, daughters and grandmothers to shine. Seek this true beauty within the reflections :)

Elena - Beauty is truly believing in who you, are and that’s why beautiful women are invincible;)

Shirley lim - Beauty is acceptance & appreciation of our whole self. It is reflected in the strong circle of family & friends who embrace us.

Jo - Beauty is the feeling of joy and gratitude bursting in your heart when you embrace the awe of the world, your loved ones and yourself.

Heather J - Those moments when nothing is going the way you expect (hair is a mess, clothes are wrinkled..etc.) and your hubby looks at you and tells you how beautiful you look and you know he means it. :-)

Angie - what is beauty? Beauty is a characteristic, a feeling, an experience… beauty comes from within and cannot be feigned. It is confidence, elegance, laughter, silliness, a sparkle.. and becomes more beautiful when it is shared. Beauty is being true to ones self and forging through life following your passion, loving all and seeing the positives. Beauty shines from within

Rona G. - We are all beauties in our own way. Beauty is not just on the outside but also on the inside. We must carry it with us or we will find it not. Miss. r


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