Posted on Mar 09, 2014

This amazing couple first met under less than amazing circumstances. Eon had been in an accident, but luckily Sayako was his nurse and was able to bring him back to health. In the process the two fell for each other.

(We had the opportunity to first meet the both of them and photograph their engagement session. Check out their images here!)

As the couple are originally from Toronto, nearly all of their guests were from out of town. And although this wedding did take place in Vancouver, we’re deeming it a destination wedding because of the number of people who flew in for the wedding.

The event took place at the Fairmont Pacific Rim here in Vancouver, take at look at some of the photos from their big day.

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Posted on Mar 07, 2014

With this exceptional couple’s engagement session, the theme of the day was ‘Fun’, and this definitely was a fun couple! In spite of the rain, there was no damper put on the mood or the good time they were having.

Check out their engagement session that took place on Granville Island!

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Posted on Feb 27, 2014

Posted on Apr 05, 2013

Here is part 2 of Britta and Joe’s special day in Stanley Park and the Stanley Park Pavilion. Such a cute couple!

Posted on Apr 03, 2013

Britta and Joe had their beautiful wedding at the Stanley Park Pavilion last summer.

They had a gorgeous day and so many cute ideas, Britta arrived to the ceremony is a Cinderella horse drawn carriage after being dropped off with her girls in a hot pink limo! We had so much fun with this group, they are full of laughter and good times! Check out part 1 of their wedding day!